Warehousing & logistics

Strengthen your logistics process our warehousing & logistics services

OTX Logistics has warehouses at different locations around the world. Our facilities meet high security requirements (class 4) and are AEO-certified (European Union).

Our professional warehouse activities

Depending on your product, needs and requirements, we provide the following professional warehouse activities:

  • Storage and distribution
  • Cross docking
  • Palletization, sealing, sorting
  • Storage and transshipment
  • Quality control
  • Order and stock management
  • Order picking

Storage of goods in a customs warehouse

In the Netherlands, OTX Logistics carries out most of its warehouse activities within a customs warehouse. That means we have the right to hold goods (whether in free circulation or not) of third parties and remain responsible to Customs for the goods kept in storage. The storage of goods in a customs warehouse has numerous advantages:

  • No import duty and VAT payable for goods stored in the warehouse
  • Settlement upon shipment of goods to a Member State of the European Union
  • No payment of VAT and import duties for sales made outside the European Union
  • Fast settlement of import and export administration
  • Less intervention by the Customs Authorities

Value Added Logistics

OTX Logistics also offers a multitude of Value Added Logistics services. For example, we have a range of testing and sorting lines, an advanced packaging section for polybagging goods, and facilities for the quality control of products. We provide services for a variety of product types such as:

  • Packing, repackaging and labeling of goods
  • Assembly of products
  • Inventory management of the goods – order picking
  • Insuring goods
  • Logistical information through EDI and e-commerce

OTX Logistics also offers a multitude of Value Added Logistics services.