Packaging Regulations

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) prescribed standardised measures in 2002, which have to be applied on wooden packages. These measures prevent the spread of living vermin and have been laid down under the name ‘Guidelines for regulating Wood Packaging material in International Trade - ISPM no. 15’, in short ISPM 15.

Many countries now require ISPM 15 for wooden packages that enter their country with import.

When does a wooden package comply with ISPM 15? According to ISPM 15 two methods of treatment are allowed: heat treatment and gassing with methyl bromide. Moreover, ISPM 15 recommends using debarked wood. As a buyer or user you cannot see whether a wooden package has been handled well. This is why a marking system has been chosen that is applied internationally, the IPPC identifying mark, to indicate that a package has been handled well.

Clients who want to know more over the rules for wooden packages in general or who want to know how packaging wood with a third country destination can meet the current and future rules of these countries may download the document ‘export packaging wood third countries’ here. This document has been issued by the ‘Dutch Plant Protection Service’.